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CLASS ASSISTANCE finalized the travel season

In total more than 14000 beneficiaries have called to the CLASS ASSISTANCE Alarm-Monitoring Center during the period from June the 1st till November the 1st 2009. The increase of cases comparing the same period of last year is up to 25 % approximately. The total number of successfully handled insurance cases is more than 12000.

Cases are spread by: Bulgaria-25,7 of %, Turkey – 19,8 %, Greece-16,8 of %, Spain-5,1 of %, Egypt - of 3,35 %, Germany - of 3,2 %, Russia,-2,7 %, Finland - of 2,4 %, Italy - of 2,1 %, Montenegro - of 1,86 %. The geographic distribution of cases indirectly shows the preferences change of Russians in crisis. The number of cases in exotic countries in 2008 was much more, than in 2009.

Cases have been handled not only in the countries usual for Russian insurers but in "exclusive" countries as Korea, Georgia, Namibia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, the Republic of South Africa, Serbia etc.

Also it is important to mention the growth of cases handled in Russia. This circumstance is connected with foreign CLASS ASSISTANCE customers increase.

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