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CLASS-ASSISTANCE has appealed to the collection agency to collect debts from Ukrainian "Kremen”

“CLASS-ASSISTANCE” Company "(Russia) in 2007-2009 has provided services for the settlement of insurance claims for persons traveling abroad for “Kremen” Insurance Company, (Donetsk, Ukraine). In early 2009, with the onset of the crisis and the sharp devaluation of hryvna, Ukrainian insurer was unable to perform to CLASS-ASSISTANCE its obligations of covering the invoices of foreign clinics involved, as well as assistance company`s fees for assistance services. On February 1, 2010 the debt to CLASS-Assistance was 80 897 Euro.

In December 2009, CLASS-ASSISTANCE has appealed to the international collection agency for collecting the debt. Currently collectors on behalf of the “CLASS-ASSISTANCE” try to resolve the issue in the pretrial order. At the same time preparation for trial which, due to the terms of the contract, should be held in Donetsk, is started.

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