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Travel Assistance

CLASS-ASSISTANCE for travellers.

CLASS-ASSISTANCE offers all kinds of services to people travelling abroad. These services have long proved to respond successfully to all clients’ demands.

The following services are available worldwide throughout CLASS-ASSISTANCE’s network:
Medical assistance:     
• out-patient and in-patient treatment
• ambulance services
• emergency dentistry
Medical transportation/evacuation:
• transportation to the residence country by any kind of transport
• doctor’s or medical team escort during transportation
Legal assistance:
• lawyer’s services
• obtaining police reports
• representation of the clients’ interests in the official institutions
• subrogation, regress
Technical assistance:
• road-side repairs , towing
• transport retrieving
• repatriation of vehicles
Supporting services:
• under-age children repatriation
• up-to-recovery accommodation arrangements
• relatives’ visit arrangements
• prescheduled return
• assistance in case of identification documents loss
• return and re-addressing of luggage
Remains repatriation:
• obtaining official documentation
• funeral agent arrangements
• transportation to the nearest airport or burial location

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